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Extending Tal-Petut

Dear friends as part of our ongoing process to improve the restaurant, we are soon opening our new rooms which shall compliment our existing premises for various private functions, such as, meetings, Mini conferences, training sessions, reading groups , and also confidential meeting facilities

We are also nearing the final stages of restoration relating to a 16th century arched room forming part of the house of the inquisitors executioners house which holds many features and beautiful medieval ambience only lit by candle light if one wants to create a period atmosphere .

We shall be organizing various candle lit evenings, including theme dinners, lunches and tasting events facilities together with book / poem reading events

One can also book room for events which are self organized where only the use of room and facilities can be rented out for the said events. The said premises shall have all services available from Tal- Petut situated a couple of doors away

Facilities provide for the following

  • Dinners / Lunches

  • Parties

  • Baptism, Holy Communion, confirmation

  • Engagement Parties

  • Boutique weddings Sit down / stand up

  • Tasting events ranging from oils wines spirits

  • Private meeting facilities facilitated with coffee/ tea breaks lunches and dinners or finger food

  • Mini conference room with related beverage and dinning services

  • Team building events

  • Pasta nights and light lunch/ dinner sittings for group’s events

Please do contact to visit us to see if we can assist with organizing your events with in our premises and kitchen services



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