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Private Dining Concept



Specializing in local Produce and Dishes with Our Touches

With No Microwaves or Fryers



The Private Dining Concept is creative, simple and innovative to the local market.  We offer a selection of recipes and menus, which are written in-house and all prepared in our kitchen. Patrons have the opportunity to discuss with our cook patron Donald Caligari Conti and his team to decide on a customized menu together, giving a unique experience to any celebration or reservation made. 


Each recipe is prepared with local and seasonal produce.  Which produce is sourced daily and freshly prepared within hours of purchase.  Wines can be matched with the menu chosen or selected from our vast collection of wines.    


The home setting allows patrons to have the premises reserved for themselves and friends, for the planned private occasion dinner or lunch creating the right atmosphere for any event.


The house consists of separate dining areas and a Bar, where one can relax with the desired company prior to dining. Also strolling out side admiring a unique historical Callachio streets.

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